Best ARAM Champs

All random All Mid or ARAM for short is a fun game mode in League of Legends. Players get a random champion that they can reroll (max 2 times) or trade with their teammates. While some champions are not very good in ARAM, there are a handful that are just too OP (over powered) in this mode.

Here is a list of the best champions to play in ARAM. If you are lucky enough to get these champions then we recommend not trading or rerolling!

Best ARAM Champ Viego

The Ruined King of ARAM

Considered by many to be one of the most annoying champion to play against. Viego’s passive ability to take the form of a defeated champion and use their abilities is simply unfair in ARAM. Think about all the team fighting and even skirmishing that happens since the start of the game. Furthermore, ARAM has increased gold and experience, which only empowers Viego to hit late game form.

A good Viego player will use his ultimate to execute the enemy champions then take over their forms. Afterwards, he will continue to use his ultimate along with his new spells to wipe out the opposing team.

Best ARAM champ Veigar

Another good ARAM champion is Veigar, who is an absolute terror if player correctly. Veigar is very strong when he uses his cage to zone out enemies.

Enemy champion engages? Just put the cage behind so their teammates can’t follow up. A well placed cage can win games by dividing the opposing team.

While the enemy is zoned out, Veigar continues to feast by gaining additional ability power thanks to his passive. Furthermore, finishing up specific items, such as Deathcap for example, will increase Veigar’s ability power exponentially.

Akshan, the best ARAM Champ

Akshan is one of the newer champions introduced in League. However, his passive ability makes him a literal god in ARAM.

Akshan revives his allies if he defeats the enemy that took them down within a certain time period. Just imagine an enemy Katarina getting a Quadra, only for Akshan to shut her down and revive his entire squad.

The grey screen period in ARAM is when the opposing team is supposed to have the ability to push and take towers and inhibitor. However, Akshan counters this because if he plays it right then his teammates 20, 30, or 40 second grey screen timer goes away and they are re-spawned on to the map.

Katarina, the best ARAM champ

Katarina, the mistress of PENTA in ARAM

Katarina lives for big uncoordinated team fights and ARAM is the perfect place for this. A good Katarina would wait for the opposing champions to use their crowd control (stuns, knockups, etc.) so she can go in with her ultimate and get resets.

ARAM is one of the few game modes where a good Katarina really shines and the difference in mechanics is displayed. A good Katarina is very calculated and reads the team fight before fully committing while a decent one may just YOLO in and smash their keyboard buttons.

Zac, the best tank ARAM champion

Zac is an interesting champ to play in ARAM because he’s not very popular. However, once you understand his kit then you’ll realize why he shouldn’t be rerolled or unpicked.

Not only does Zac’s passive give him an extra chance to stay alive and impact team fights but his entire kit is heavily team fight focused. What we mean by this is that Zac’s abilities are meant to engage, start team fights, and separate the tanks and carries.

Zac exists to create chaos while staying alive for as long as possible. Hence why he has two strong knockup spells in his kit and the ability to pick up his own blob to regain health.

Playing Zac is simple in ARAM, build tank and engage on their strongest carry. Make sure the carry cannot join the fight while your team hopefully can focus down the opposing front line.

In conclusion, there are many champs that are great in ARAM. However, these handful are exceptional and should not be taken lightly by the opposing team.

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