Best duo queue strategy for Silver rank

Going from Silver rank to Gold rank is a major accomplishment for any League of Legends player. One of the quickest ways to Improve and climb is by duo queuing with a friend. A good duo queue partner will help relieve some pressure and ensure another winning lane or jungle (ideally).

With all that said, there is also the aspect of which lanes and champions are being played. I’m this article, we will be focusing on climbing out of Silver ELO/Rank.

The best duo setup a for such a climb are follows:

  • Mid and Jungle
  • Mid and Top
  • Support and Jungle

First, let’s look at middle lane and the jungle synergy. This is the most dominant combo in any rank to be honest. The mid lane and the jungle are able to impact other lanes and have an easier time controlling objectives.

Best mid laners for silver rank duoQ

One key reason for this is what is known as “mid lane priority”. This is when the mid laner can shove the wave at the enemy kid’s turret and roam to help the jungler.

We recommend only playing champions that are able to shove the lane fast. One such champion is Ziggs and the other is Malzahar. Obviously, in higher elo, these champions wouldn’t be recommended. But for silver, they are perfect as they tend to be easy to pilot and farm on.

Just imagine throwing out Zigg’s Q to clear the wave and then walking over to your jungler. Same goes for Malzahar as he is able to summon his pets and farm with his E ability.

Best junglers for silver rank duoQ

Nocturne Jungle

The best junglers to pair up with these mid laners are Volibear, Xin Zhao, and Nocturne. All three of these champions have strong level 6 power spikes.

Volibear is great if your team needs a front line. His ultimate disables towers so if your silver teammates every goes too hard under tower then you can save them.

Xin Zhao is best of both worlds as he’s able to dish out damage while also being tanky. He’s the perfect bruiser as he can go in, use his ultimate to known back everyone but his target and dodge auto attacks and such.

Finally, Nocturne is a literal terror at level 6 when his ultimate becomes available. A combo such as Malzahar ultimate paired with Nocturne ultimate will delete most enemy champions even under tower. Also people in Silver ELO don’t tend to buy a quicksilver stash (QSS).

Overall strategy to climb out of silver tier as duo queue (duoQ)

Proper communication is key to climbing in any silver duo queue game. By proper communication, we mean getting on call using the League voice client or even something like Discord.

The way matchmaking works is if you are a duoQ then Riot has the game programmed to match you against a team with duoQ. If they can’t find that then the overall ELO (ranking) of the opposing team may be slightly higher. This is because DuoQ is considered to be an advantage and so Riot is trying to level the playing field.

This big advantage comes from being able to talk verbally and have each other’s back. You do this by showing up to objectives together and on time. You also do this by camping the enemy laners and making the proper rotations. In silver rank/elo, the easiest way to force fights is simply to engage when you have great number of players on your side. See the enemy team split pushing but you are grouped as five in middle lane? Take the team fight because in this rank, people don’t understand backing off objectives and sacrificing.

Always look to farm well and get the objectives as they come up. Farming well will help gain gold that can be used to purchase expensive items and ultimately become stronger. Sometimes there is nothing stronger then being an entire item ahead of the enemy team when team fight breaks out. Furthermore, if both you and your duo partner are ahead then it’s likely GAME OVER for the opposing team.

Final tip for climbing as a duoQ is to always have trust in each other’s skillset. If you don’t trust your partner or if your partner is going through a tilt or losing phase then it’s best not to queue up for ranked. Mentality goes a long way in this game and having mental boom will only cause you to lose LP in the long run.

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