Best Support with Akshan

The best support champions with Akshan are those who can either empower him or keep enemies stunned in place. While Akshan isn’t very popular in bot lane at the moment, he still has huge upside as an AD Carry pick. When paired with the best supports mentioned below, Akshan can tear apart enemy teams.

best support with Akshan

Leona is best Support with Akshan

While Leona typically excels with most AD Carry, her synergy with Akshan is simply unparalleled. She does what Akshan wants from his support, which is lock an enemy in place for over 3 seconds.

A good Leona support player will use her blade, auto stun, and ultimate stun efficiently to maximize the crowd control duration on enemy champions. This gives an AD Carry such as Akshan to dish out as much auto attack damage as possible. If for whatever reason the enemy champion is able to escape with a sliver of health then Akshan can simply swing forward for the execute.

Akshan’s kit revolves around outputting as many auto attacks as possible. He synergies very well with items that have on-hit effects. Such items are like Blade of the Ruined King and Rageblade just to name a couple. Items that proc additional effects when the equipped champion auto attacks have strong synergy with Akshan.

Very few champions can match Akshan’s damage output late game if it is straight up auto attacks. A support such as Leona works best because they lockdown hard to pin targets so Akshan can get multiple auto attacks off. Leona also excels in bodyguarding for Akshan as her click stun [Q] ability can lockdown any assassins that gets too close.

Lulu is the best support with Akshan

While Leona excels in locking down enemy champions, Lulu is known for doing the opposite. This support champion won’t outright stun the enemy but she will make sure Akshan is kept shielded, safe, and empowered. Lulu’s abilities are best utilized in team fights where many enemy champions have Akshan in their crosshairs.

Lulu excels by speeding up Akshan, allowing for him to kite enemy champions while hooking backwards if needed. She also provides a low cooldown shield that can help soak up damage as Akshan gets down to business. Finally, Lulu’s ultimate, wild growth, will restore Akshan’s health and keep him alive if he gets critically low in a team fight. This ensures that he remains alive and as he takes down opposing enemies, his fallen teammates are also revived.

A good Lulu player should maximize cooldown reduction and purchase all shield empowering items. Keeping Akshan safe in team fights and skirmishes is crucial in winning fights and ultimately earning LP. Furthermore, good Lulu players need to ensure their own safety because smart assassins will target them first in order to get rid of Akshan’s safety net.

Maokai is the best support with Akshan

Maokai isn’t a very popular support by any means but he works very well with Akshan in the bottom lane. His kit is somewhat similar to Leona in terms of his ability to lockdown enemy champions for a long period of time. Just as mentioned for Leona, Maokai too should look to lockdown opposing champions so Akshan can freely auto attack.

Unlike Leona, Maokai excels in roaming into the enemy jungle and getting vision. This can come in handy with Akshan as Maokai can strategically place saplings that provide vision and slow enemies. Afterwards, Akshan can come literally swinging and pick up easy kills in the jungle.

Maokai’s ultimate is also a strong deterrent against melee bruisers and assassins. If Akshan is jumped on by the enemy front line (tanks and bruisers) then Maokai can simply use his ultimate to keep the opposing backline (mid laner, AD Carry, assassin, mage) from joining the fight. This is very important in late game team fights as Akshan can delete tanks and bruisers from the map as long as the enemy mid lane or AD Carry doesn’t counter fire on him.

Conclusion for best support with Akshan

In conclusion, these three champions will be ideal pairing for Akshan. However, there are so many other supports that can fit this role. Be sure to play supports who can amplify what Akshan is already good at rather then try changing bot lane playstyle.

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