Best Support with Jhin

The best support to pair with an AD Carry such as Jhin would have to be Lulu, Nami, or Karma. While other supports may also fill this role well, these three will be a staple due to what they bring in bot lane skirmishes.

Why is Lulu the best support with Jhin? jhin best support

What makes Lulu very strong and an attractive duo with Jhin is her ability to keep him from danger. Furthermore, she is excellent at peeling off annoying assassins with their many gap closers (which has only increased with the new bruiser items from Riot).

Lulu keeps Jhin out of trouble by providing him with a shield that can soak up damage from enemy champs. When Jhin is ready to counter fire, Lulu can speed him up allowing him to land his 4th shot (the deadliest of all). Smart ADC players will trade with Jhin then back off before the fourth shot can be fired.

Lulu’s speed up can also be used defensively as a way for Jhin to ran back to his turret while he is recharging post 4th shot. Finally, Lulu has the ability to provide Jhin with additional health (her ultimate) and keep him alive from quick assassinations if he missteps.

Why is Karma the best support with Jhin?

Karma is one of the most underrated support champions in bottom lane. LCS and LEC players would rather play her top or mid then use her at support, which is a real bummer. Karma brings a lot to the table when paired with the right type of ADC.

Karma is a mage champion that gains access to her ultimate at the start of the game. Her ultimate allows her to cast empowered abilities, such as low cooldown nuke or tether or her famous teamwide speed boost + shield. She does very well in bot lane skirmishes thanks to her high damage and useful kit.

While Karma can’t hard engage for Jhin, she can definitely help follow up and 100 to 0 anybody that gets caught in Jhin’s traps or stun. Furthermore, she’s able to speed up Jhin and offer him a temporary shield with a single spell (Take that Lulu!). Finally, while she cannot bail him out of assassination like Lulu’s ultimate, she can however provide hard crowd control (CC) if she uses her tether correctly.

Why is Nami the best support with Jhin?

While Nami tends to be a great overall support, she’s actually even deadlier with an ADC such as Jhin. Firstly, she has a heal in her kit that allows for Jhin to stay in lane longer and farm up. Second, while her crowd control (CC) is harder to land, it’s still much more effective in immobilizing the enemy champions then Lulu or Karma’s slows. Not to mention Nami’s “Q” bubble prison can land on multiple people at once and CC them all.

Finally, Nami’s ability to buff her ADC’s power is what really solidifies her position as one of the best supportive champions to couple with Jhin. Her empowering ability will increase Jhin’s overall damage output while also ensuring that whatever gets a bullet to the face can’t run away (thank you slow!). Nami’s ultimate is also a big game change as it has the ability to CC an entire team by knocking them up. Smart Nami players can time this properly to cancel enemy champion ultimate’s (looking at you Katarina).

Honorable mentions of good supports to pair with Jhin.

Thresh – Great engage champion that can allow Jhin to be super aggressive in lane. This lane tends to favor whichever team has the Thresh “smurf” playing for them.

Galio – Great champion that can help Jhin fast push the wave and keep the enemy laners on their toes. Galio also has the ability to do cross map plays, which supplements Jhin’s Curtain Call (ultimate spell).

In conclusion, while Jhin seems like an easy champion to play in soloQ, he still needs as much help as he can get. One of the best ways to climb with an ADC/Support duo is to dominate the lane and farm up. Knowing counter matchups, summoner timings, and overall champion power spikes will allow you to truly climb the ranked ladder.

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