Best Support with Vayne

Vayne is a high damage output champion that works well with overly supportive champions.

Vayne is by far the best champion in League of Legends. Her kit allows her to do an insane amount of damage, and she can do this from the back line or the front line depending on how you build her.

She has a strong win rate across all champions, with even higher win rates when used in her niche role as a high damage bot lane carry.

Here is a list of some of the best champions to play alongside Vayne in bot lane.

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Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump is a great support champion to play with Vayne. His ultimate can help Vayne escape from sticky situations, and Nunu’s large healthpool allows him to absorb damage that would otherwise be dealt directly to her. This also means that you might want to avoid using Tumble when Nunu’s Ultimate (Absolute Zero) is up since he’ll take the brunt of it.

Nunu’s Blood Boil doesn’t have much synergy with Vayne as she already has very high attack speed by default, but if your partner has some form of crowd control on their kit you’ll be able to effectively use this ability as an additional way of slowing enemies down so they can’t get away from you when chasing them down with Tumble or Condemn.


Taric is a support that can help Vayne land her Q for the first time. Taric’s E (Radiance) will stun the enemy and grant him a shield, making it easy for Vayne to land an easier Q. Because of Taric’s ultimate, which grants himself and his team invulnerability for 2.5 seconds, Taric can keep Vayne in fights for longer periods of time so she can deal more damage to her enemies with her auto attacks


Leona is a great support champion that offers everything you need to make your team successful. She’s very tanky, which allows her to initiate team fights easily and absorb a lot of damage. Leona’s abilities are also very easy to hit, so she can land CC on enemies consistently in team fights or lane skirmishes. This makes her extremely easy to kill with Vayne and ensures that they will be able to get kills throughout the game.


The most important thing to remember when playing with Thresh is that his crowd control abilities are the best in the game. With a combination of Flay, Death Sentence and Dark Passage, he can lock down an enemy champion for a long time. Additionally, if you are ever caught off guard by an enemy champion Thresh’s ability to pull you out of danger allows him to save your life many times over.

Thresh is also great at providing support for your team because he has damage as well as crowd control. This means that he can help engage fights with Death Sentence and then provide additional damage with Flay or auto attacks from behind the tank line after enemies have been slowed by Dark Passage’s debuff effect from hitting someone who already has been hit by it (which triggers its slow).

In addition to being able to initiate fights against enemy players, Thresh also provides excellent protection for his allies by shielding them from damage and crowd controlling their attackers until help arrives or they’re able to escape into safety themselves..


Alistar is one of the most popular supports for Vayne and for good reason. His heal can help sustain her health in a long fight, and he can also protect her during extended fights with his ultimate. He’s a strong choice because he has great team-fighting potential while still being able to support Vayne when she needs it most by knocking enemies away from her or keeping them close enough to finish off.

In conclusion: Vayne is a strong champion and should be considered by all players looking for success in League of Legends!

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