Caitlyn Best Support Combo

Caitlyn is one of League of Legends most infamous AD Carry champion. This Bot Laner synergies very well with many support champs. However, some of the best Caitlyn and support combo are listed below. We made sure to look into statistics, pro play, and kit synergy in order to compile this list.

Caitlyn’s Kit in LOL

Caitlyn’s popularity stems from her range, which is the longest of all AD Carry at the start of the game. She is considered a lane bully as she can outrange all of her lane opponents.

Her weakness stems from her overall damage output, which cannot keep up against certain bot lane carries. For example, if a Lucian or Draven gets close to Caitlyn and lands auto attacks then she is in deep trouble.

A good Caitlyn needs to utilize her traps to zone out enemy AD Carry and Support from full engagement. She also needs to use her net dash effectively to both escape and dish out some additional damage.

Playing Caitlyn at a high level means bullying out the enemy laner and taking turret plates. Do not focus on enemy take downs but rather on the small leads that eventually snowballs you. Get the enemy support and AD Carry low so they are forced to base and leaves you alone in lane.

Best Caster Support Combo with Caitlyn

Caster supports are champions like Nami, Soraka, Lulu, Janna, etc. These supports are are usually mages that can do any of the follow things:

  • Heal
  • Shield
  • Empower
  • Disengage

The best caster support combo for Caitlyn happens to be Janna, Nami, and Karma.

Nami – This champion is lethal with Caitlyn as she can both engage and disengage. She can also heal and empower Caitlyn’s auto attacks to increase damage and slow the enemy. While she is squishy and can be a liability in certain situations, her overall pros make her the best choice in bot lane.

Karma – Not a very popular pick in bot lane but her kit synergies very well with Caitlyn. She can both speed up and shield Caitlyn, allowing her to move forward and take good trades. Karma also has an empowered [Q] skillshot that can both zone out enemy champions and deal high damage. Finally, she has a tether that can stun an enemy champion if Caitlyn decides to go all in on an enemy.

Janna – This support synergies well only in certain situations. She’s very good when Caitlyn is playing against low ranged team that need to dash forward and fully engage. Her entire kit works as a deterrent of sorts as she has a knock up, shield, slow, and knock up/heal. She’s the perfect champion to stay back and empower her carry, while also making it very difficult for the enemy team to engage.

Best Tank Support Combo with Caitlyn

Tank supports are almost always popular in ranked games as they are very forgiving. Tank supports usually excel in engaging and also soaking up damage. In general, tank supports aren’t recommended with Caitlyn but they are playable.

They are not recommended with Caitlyn because their kits are heavy on engage rather them empowerment. Engaging is great at times but Caitlyn looks to get small leads that slowly grow overtime as she takes enemy turrets.

Some very well known tank supports are as follow: Nautlius, Braum, Leona, Maokai, etc.

The best tank support combo for Caitlyn are Braum, Maokai, and Leona.

Braum – The heart is indeed the strongest muscle in this case. Braum excels in sitting back and defending his AD Carry from damage and engages. His kit also allows him to both engage when need be or land his [Q] skillshot, which can be easily activated by Caitlyn’s autos. Braum excels in both engaging, disengaging, and being a useful secondary tank that can soak up damage.

Nautilus – Not very popular with Caitlyn due to his kit being heavy engage. But with that being said, he can still excel next to Caitlyn in bot lane. Nautilus can land some useful stuns just by auto attacking the enemy. He also has a slow in his kit and an ultimate that knocks up a single target enemy.

Leona – Very similar to Nautilus but Leona is even more engage heavy. Her stuns synergies with Caitlyn as Leona can lockdown an enemy for 3 seconds followed by Caitlyn trap. Imagine Leona landing her skill shot then her empowered auto stun and finally her ultimate. The enemy champion would basically be served on a silver platter for Caitlyn to cash in on.

Team Composition for Tank Supports

The tank supports are very good with Caitlyn when the opposing team compositions are heavy with the following:

  • Heavy AD damage – If they have all AD then a tank support would feast by building armor.
  • Heavy AP damage – Tank supports can prioritize magic resist to be a terror on the rift.
  • Many assassins – Tank supports can build efficiently to stay alive against teams with many assassins.

Team Composition for Caster Supports

Caster supports are best combo partners with Caitlyn when opposing team comps are the following:

  • Heavy Engage – Teams with a lot of engage can be outplayed by good caster supports that have many disengage spells.
  • Heavy Armor/Tanks – Teams with many tank champions are usually weak against casters because they can’t 100-0 these squishy champions.
  • Heavy ranged champions – Teams with many ranged champions and very little engage are also weak against caster supports. Imagine not having a way to engage on Caitlyn and just watching her auto attacking your turrets to crumbs.

In conclusion, there are many supports who can work with Caitlyn in bot lane. Riot Games is also working on updating her visuals so expect this champion to be played even more frequently.

Now that you know which supports to pair with Caitlyn, check out how to climb into Gold rank and get season ending rewards!

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