How to climb to Gold League of Legends

Climb to Gold rank in League of Legends by following some of the tips and tricks developed by yours truly.

Previous Victorious league of legend skins

how to climb to gold league of legends

Gold rank is the best tier to be in as it rewards you with a rank border and that season’s victorious skin. Some of the previous year’s victorious skins were as follows:

Benefits of gold rank in league of legends

These are just handful of the rare skins that are awarded when a player ends the season in Gold. These skins are rare because it is impossible to get them after the season is over. Having them in your account also gives your account some added value.

The gold border also makes your account standout when you’re playing amongst friends or with complete strangers. Being gold usually means that you are in the top 10% tier of players for that server, not a bad place to be.

Climb to Gold as an AD Carry

Climbing to Gold as an AD carry is somewhat harder than the other roles. This is because the bottom lane always consists of two players. Not only is the lane double the threat but it is also double the chance of screw ups and getting tilted.

Biggest reason people don’t climb into gold other than overall skill level is mental boom. AD Carry (ADC) role has an abnormally high instance of mental boom moments.

Not only are you expected to play with strangers (unless duoQ) but you are also expected to put some faith in them to peel for you and keep you alive in big team fights.

Climb to gold as a Support

The support role is currently very strong when played correctly. A good support can climb out fairly easily if they have strong mental and know when to roam or stick with the ADC.

Supports can sack their bot lane partners and just roam with the jungler to impact other lanes. Not only does this tilt lower ranked enemies but it gives their allies an added advantage.

However, be sure to pay some attention to your bot lane partner or else they may just grief and eventually rage quit. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

Climb to gold from Mid Lane

Mid Lane is currently very strong and has historically been one of the best roles to climb out from low ranks. Get to gold by spamming mid lane champions who can shove in their lanes and roam.

Champions such as Talon, Annie, and even Mazlahar, does a great job shoving in their lanes against the opposing lane opponent then helping out the jungler or side lane.

The ability to “play/dominate the side lanes” is a much sought out skill in League of Legends. This means you are able to consistently keep the mid lane in check while also making your presences known on the side lane waves.

Late game, this means you surrender your mid lane to the ADC/Support combo and spend time shoving out the side lane waves into towers. In this scenario, you are more fed then the opponents champions and can win out in one versus one or even one versus two situations.

Climb to Gold from the Top Lane

My personal favorite lane and one that has gotten me to gold and beyond consistently. This lane is only for those who are not afraid to be left in the island. This is also for those who can survive being under pressure but also turn the tide when the opportunity arises.

Top lane is champion and playstyle diversity that allows you to play for lane or the map. Champions such as Gangplank and Shen can survive lane while making maximum impact around the map.

Some campions such as Fiora and Camille are monster split pushers, who can easily “play the side lane” when even slightly ahead. Check out the in-depth guide on Tryndamere and how to utilize his kit to climb out to gold.

Climb to Gold as a Jungler

The entire concept of jungling sounds outright unfair. You are in theory a champion who can wander around and show up in any lane you want.

While the role had gotten nerfed in terms of experience and gold income, it is still a great way to climb into gold.

Become a part time league investigator and look up your opponent’s profile. Check to see which opponent is either in a losing streak or playing a champion for the first time. Develop a game plan revolving around doing all you can to gank and force that player out.

While this isn’t a guarantee, it does make for some fun games that may turn into 5 versus 4 advantage for your team. Higher ranked players don’t tend to do this but this method has a high effectiveness.

Tips to climb out to Gold rank

  • Take care of your mental. Don’t go mental boom and keep telling yourself that it is just a game. Watch streamers with strong mental, who can laugh at their screw ups.
  • Investigate the opposing team and see how their previous games went. Don’t do this if seeing a strong player on the opposing team will cause you to get scared or not play as usual.
  • Have a small champion pool that you can rely on in most matchups. Try to have a “pocket pick” that can dominate certain matchups. For example, knowing how to play Malphite effectively can be beneficial when dealing with Yasuo, Tryndamere, and other squishy AD top lane champions.
  • Do your best not to get into argument with teammates. It doesn’t do you any good to get into verbal spats. Don’t try to micromanage them or tell them how to play different because it’ll only be a waste of energy and time.
  • End each game accepting that you tried all you could to win. If you make some obvious mistakes then verbally talk out how you would have played that situation differently. For example, if you are a tank support and you engaged too early and too far away for your team to follow up.

In conclusion, the summoner’s rift can be a harsh place, especially for the mental. Nobody wants to lose, especially if the loss seemed to have come from their teammate’s mistake. End of the day, it’s a team game and Riot Games has made sure individuals don’t outshine the team like back in the days. Empower your teammates, gain LP, and ultimately claim that victorious skin.

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