How to fight against Riven

Riven, the Exile, is a champion that has been a prominent figure in League of Legends for years. With her intricate set of abilities, fluid animation cancels, and powerful all-ins, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. However, every champion has their vulnerabilities, and Riven is no exception. This article will dive deep into strategies, tips, and tricks to handle and overcome a Riven player.

1. Understanding Riven’s Kit:

To defeat an opponent, one must first understand them.

  • Passive – Runic Blade: Riven’s abilities charge her blade, granting her bonus damage on her basic attacks.
  • Q – Broken Wings: A three-part ability that enables her to slash enemies and end with a knock-up.
  • W – Ki Burst: Stuns nearby enemies and deals damage.
  • E – Valor: She dashes, absorbing damage with a shield.
  • R – Blade of the Exile/Riven Wind Slash: Activates a buff increasing her attack damage and range, and can be reactivated to launch a damaging shockwave.

2. The Importance of Spacing:

Riven’s damage largely comes from her ability to close gaps and combo her skills. Maintaining a safe distance, especially when her Q and E are available, can prevent her from executing a full combo on you.

3. Beware of Level Spikes:

Riven has significant power spikes at levels 3 and 6. Be particularly cautious around these levels, as a good Riven player will look to capitalize on her newfound strength.

4. Predicting and Avoiding the Third Q:

Her Q, Broken Wings, has three casts. The third one results in a knock-up. Anticipating and sidestepping or using movement abilities to dodge this can significantly reduce her damage output and crowd control.

5. Crowd Control is Key:

Riven relies heavily on chaining her abilities for maximum damage. Locking her down with stuns, silences, or other forms of crowd control can disrupt her flow and leave her vulnerable.

6. Monitor Her Cooldowns:

While Riven doesn’t rely on a traditional mana or energy system, her cooldowns are her primary limitation. If she uses her Q and W to farm or if you see her E defensively, it might be an opportunity to trade as her damage potential is momentarily reduced.

7. Warding and Map Awareness:

Riven has strong roaming potential. Always ward river entrances and be cautious when she’s missing from your lane. A quick ping can alert your teammates of her potential roams.

8. Defensive Itemization:

  • Ninja Tabi (Plated Steelcaps): This boot option reduces damage from Riven’s auto attacks.
  • Bramble Vest: Great for champions who can’t inherently deal with Riven’s all-in and lifesteal.
  • Sterak’s Gage: The shield can help you survive her all-in burst.

9. Champions to Consider:

  • Garen: His silence can interrupt Riven’s combos, and he’s tanky enough to withstand her burst.
  • Renekton: With strong early trades and a point-click stun, Renekton can be a formidable opponent for Riven.
  • Malphite: His armor scaling and attack speed slow can severely hamper Riven’s trading potential.

10. Learn from Riven Mains:

Watching high-level Riven players can provide insights into her play patterns, tendencies, and windows of vulnerability. Familiarize yourself with her combos and animation cancels so you can anticipate them in your games.

11. Call for Jungle Assistance:

If Riven is pressuring heavily, don’t hesitate to call your jungler for a gank. Riven often plays aggressively, making her susceptible to ganks.

12. Late Game Caution:

Riven scales well into the late game, especially if she’s ahead. Never underestimate her split-push and team fight potential. Always respect her engage range, especially if she has Flash available.


Facing Riven can be challenging, given her high mobility and damage potential. However, with the right knowledge, strategic approach, and some practice, you can turn the matchup in your favor. Remember, the key is to exploit her windows of vulnerability, maintain spatial awareness, and itemize appropriately. With these tips and tricks in your arsenal, the next time you face the Exile on the Summoner’s Rift, you’ll be prepared.

However, when venturing into the Platinum and Diamond tiers of play, the caliber of Riven players you’ll encounter naturally intensifies. In these ranks, Riven mains have often spent countless hours mastering her animation cancels, perfecting their timings, and understanding intricate matchups. They’ve seen common tricks and faced numerous opponents. But don’t be disheartened. The strategies delineated in this guide are universally effective, irrespective of the player’s rank. While the room for error narrows against seasoned Riven aficionados, consistency in applying these techniques will create opportunities for capitalizing on even their minute mistakes. So, regardless of the challenge, armed with this knowledge, you have the tools to stand your ground, outplay, and ultimately ascend higher in the ladder. Embrace each matchup as a learning experience, and in time, even the most formidable Riven players will become surmountable adversaries.

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