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How to fight against Yasuo

Yasuo is one of the most popular champions picked top or mid lanes. In order to fight and beat Yasuo, you must fully understand his kit.

Fight Against Yasuo Spells

First, learn to dodge Yasuo’s tornado spells. Remember, he has to charge his Q twice in order to throw this at you. It’s very telegraphed when Yasuo has tornado available and you should be playing safe during this instance.

Stay away from large minion waves as it allows any Yasuo player to dash in and out. Yasuo becomes almost un-targetable in large minion waves as he can choose to dash whichever directions he wants.

Keep away from Yasuo’s dash (E) ability distance when he has tornado. A good Yasuo player will use his dash combined with his second Q to knock you up. This is usually impossible to dodge, unless you flash away on time.

If you are ranged then be wary of Yasuo’s wind wall (W) ability. This ability will cuck you and make it impossible for you to land any type of projectile on him. The difference between a high ranked Yasuo player and an average on is the usage and placement of wind wall.

Finally, Yasuo’s ultimate gives him bonus armor penetration. After Yasuo uses his ultimate on a target, he gets bonus armor penetration so be careful if he jumps on you post-ultimate. You may be surprised by the amount of damage Yasuo can output.

What hard counters Yasuo in lane

It’s almost impossible for an Yasuo player to lane against a decent Malphite. When Yasuo tries to auto attack you, just hit Malphite’s E ability and you’ll auto win trades. This is because Malphite’s E decreases attack speed and Yasuo is all about attack speed.

Yasuo also has to play unsafe in order to get last hits in and farm. This means that he’ll be extended out and easy pickings for junglers. As Malphite, all you have to do is wait until six and call your Jungler over. An Yasuo should not be able to survive a post level six skirmish with Malphite and his jungler. The only exception is if Yasuo is fed or your jungler is simply trolling.

Remember to start off the skirmish with your ultimate so that your Jungler can follow up. Ideally, the jungler should try to be behind Yasuo. This way when you click R and Yasuo get’s CC’d (crown controlled/knocked up), the Jungler can follow up with damage.

Dodge games with Yasuo

If the enemy team has a Yasuo and a Lulu then you should probably dodged the game. If the enemy team has multiple champions that can setup Yasuo easily then feel free to dodge the game and save your rank ladder LP.

When to start playing Yasuo

If you want to beat Yasuo then you have to learn how he works and how to fight as him. The best way to counter champions you have a hard time against is to play them. Learn what makes Yasuo do the things he does. Nothing helps learning league better then simply playing more of it with a goal in mind.

In this case the goal should be a simple question that needs an answer, “how do I fight against Yasuo?”

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