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Irelia Build Runes Counter Guide

Irelia is one of League of Legends most popular champion and so we will discuss her best builds, runes, and counters Mastering Irelia can be equated to almost learning how to dance as it takes precision and discipline.


Irelia Ability Spells

Irelia’s kit revolves around her [Q] ability, Blade Surge. The ability allows her to dash through opposing minions and champions. If her ability deletes the minion or champion then it gets reset and Irelia can cast it again.

This ability should be maxed out first as it’s damage increases with each level. Ultimately, you want the damage to be high so that you can last hit minions or low health targets to reset the cooldown of the ability. What separates a good Irelia from a decent one is how well they utilize this one ability.

Irelia’s [W] is called Defiant Dance and it’s ability helps Irelia get into huge team fights, skirmishes, and even 1V1s. The ability decreases the percentage of AD and AP damage she takes from a source. It is imperative to learn the best case use scenario for this ability.

Irelia’s [E] is the Flawless Duet, which takes precision to land as it can change to tide of a fight. Anyone hit by this ability is marked, which allows Irelia to [Q] on to them and get a free reset. Using this ability in tandem with her Blade Surge ensures Irelia can zoom around team fights or minion waves to maximize her passive damage.

Finally, Irelia’s ultimate [R] is the mighty Vanguard’s Edge. This ability is a skill show and it can land on multiple enemy champions. It does some damage but also marks the enemies like [E] Flawless Duet, which allows Irelia to reset her Blade Surge [Q].

Irelia’s passive can be viewed almost as an additional ability in this case. Instead of clicking a button, Irelia has to use her [Q] Blade Surge to get a stack. The stacks lasts up to 5 seconds and Irelia can get up to 4 stacks in order to get the maximum benefit from her passive.

Per the passive ability note, Ionian Fervor gives her the following stats: “Ionian Fervor: Irelia gains 7.5−20% bonus attack speed per stack, up to 30−80% at maximum stacks (depending on level). At maximum stacks, Irelia’s basic attacks deal 10−61 (+0.2% bonus attack damage) bonus magic damage on-hit (depending on level).”

This passive makes it impossible for opposing mid and top laners to get into extended trades early. It also works in tandem with all of her other spells as efficient use of her kit maximizes her total damage output.

Irelia Runes

The ideal rune tree for Irelia is as follows. One should almost never deviate from this unless Riot Games nerfs or buffs certain runes.

Precision Tree Primary

Conqueror – Compliments Irelia’s entire kit. The more auto attack and spells Irelia lands, the greater chance of her activating conqueror and amplifying her damage.

Triumph – Irelia loves to zoom around tee map and tower dive. This will ensure that after a takedown, she gets some health back so she can live to fight another day.

Legend: Tenacity – How can Irelia zoom around the map if she get’s crowd controlled by a slow or stun? Tenacity is huge on her.

Last Stand: Comes in handy when Irelia gets low because it only amplifies the damage she is outputting against the enemies.

Resolve Tree Secondary

Bone Plating – Helps her survive lane against tough matchups. Also allows her to ignore some damage when she initially enters a fight or skirmish.

Unflinching – Irelia’s tenacity increases the lower her health is. Works well with both Legend: Tenacity and Last Stand runes.

As for the bonuses, always take the increases attack speed as Irelia is an auto attacking melee champion. The other two can be either adaptive damage and Armor/Magic Resist (Depending on lane matchup).

Irelia Hard Counters

Jax – One of Irelia’s biggest counters as his Counter Strike spell negates auto attacks. Only way to defeat this champion is to never take a fight when counter strike is up unless you are far ahead. Furthermore, make sure to use the minion wave to keep your passive stacks up and take small trades before you fully commit with the ultimate.

Sett – Another one of Irelia’s extreme counters as he can grab her out of her blade surge then start punching her. Only chance to beating him is either with jungle assistance so you can get ahead or being able to dash consistently to avoid his [W].

Riven – Good match up for Riven as she has a knock up to cancel Irelia’s dash and also a reliable stun on her [W]. She can also use her shield to block out some damage from Irelia’s early trades. A good Riven player will make the lane hell for Irelia but that doesn’t mean Irelia can’t come back. Respect your opponent but seize the opportunity if they make a mistake.

Darius – Champion is a big lane bully and usually destroys other melee laners. Look to farm up and avoid getting into extended trades with Darius. Also utilize your Blade Surge to either go into him or away to a minion when Darius uses his [Q].

Mastering Irelia will help you climb into higher ranks and get the season end rewards. Learn how to climb to gold or using specific strategies such as Tryndamere top to climb.

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