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League Champions in Arcane

Arcane is an animated series based on League of Legends and contains multiple champions from the game.

League Champions in Arcane

The obvious champions that are imported from the game are Jinx, Vi, Viktor, Caitlin, and Jayce to name a few. These champions are all using their official names from the video game so it makes it easier for the viewers to pick them out.

However, there are multiple champions featured in the show that are not obvious. Biggest reason for this is due to Arcane being sort of like an origin story for these champions.

One such not so familiar champion that we will see later on Arcane is Warwick.

Warwick is Vander from Arcane

There are many reasons why this theory will prove to be true. One of the reasons being some of the voice lines Warwick says when he’s on the summoner’s rift.

Per the show, we know Vander took the special purple potion in order to transform and help Vi survive. We assume that Vander perished in the fire but all of the following hints make us second guess.

  1. Vander is referred to as a hound of the underworld. Warwick is also considered to be a hound of the underworld.
  2. Warwick has a voice line where he clearly talks about a fire and hearing a child scream.
  3. Warwick doesn’t have any memories of what transpired before he was known as Warwick.

We can only assume that Vander is most likely the champion Warwick in Arcane.

The Rat Champion from Arcane

There are some theories that the rat who was given the purple potion eventually became Twitch. While there isn’t many facts to back this theory up as of yet, we should still keep this in mind when latter episodes come out.

Creator of the potion is Singed from Arcane

The doctor who created the purple potion was labeled as Singed on the subtitles. While this gave it away, we are still looking forward to seeing his eventual transformation into one of League’s most annoying top lane champions.

So far this is all we have from the first three episodes of Arcane. Speaking of Arcane, you can earn a free capsule with 3 skin shards for 5 minutes of your time.

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