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League Tower Changes and Range


In League of Legends, damage dealt by a tower to minions or champions is affected by several factors, including the attacking unit’s armor and magic resist, the tower’s remaining health, and whether or not the attacking champion has a shield.

league of legends tower range change

Tower Damage

Towers do not deal the same amount of damage to all champions. They deal more damage to champions with higher health, and less damage to those with lower health. The tower also deals more damage to you if you have armor from items or runes, and less if you have no armor.

Pre-Attack Delay

The first thing you should know about tower damage is that towers have a pre-attack delay. This means it takes some time for the tower to begin attacking after the enemy has been in range for the tower to attack them.

The second thing you should know is that this pre-attack delay varies by champion, with ranged champions having shorter delays than melee champions.

Finally, although we’ve already talked about how much damage a tower does to different types of targets, these numbers also include their base AD (armor penetration). So if you’re playing against a Vayne and she’s building full AD, be sure to realize that her attacks will do more than just her base AD + AP ratio; she’ll also get extra damage from her base AD because it applies armor reduction!

Attack Rate

Attack Rate: the speed at which a tower attacks.

Higher attack rate means more damage per second, and this is affected by both your tower’s level and its health.

Attack Range

  • Attack Range: Towers have a range of attack that is shorter than the range of the map. This is because towers do not attack targets outside their own range, so once you walk out of tower vision, it won’t be able to attack you anymore.
  • Tower Hit Points: The hit points or health points (HP) are displayed on your screen at the top left corner next to your champion portrait. It’s important to know how much damage they can take before being destroyed because if they’re low enough and you don’t have any abilities yet leveled up high enough to take them out quickly, then you’ll need another way around them!

Other Factors Affecting Tower Damage

The tower damage you deal is affected by the tier of the tower and nearby minions. It’s also affected by enemy champions, including yourself. Your attack speed and attack damage will affect how much damage you do to towers.

Towers are powerful and deal more damage the lower their health gets.

Towers are powerful and deal more damage the lower their health gets.

  • The lower the level of a tower, the higher its attack speed is.
  • Towers deal more damage to champions with high health pools or high armor values.


Knowing the mechanics of towers should help your team set up for a siege or defense while gaining valuable LP. In order to prevent a tower from being destroyed, you can poke it down with spells before you attack, but keep in mind that if you do enough damage to destroy the tower, it will explode and do a large amount of damage to anyone standing too close. Even when they are at low health they still deal huge amounts of damage so don’t underestimate their power!

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