Tryndamere Climb Rank Elo

Tryndamere is one of the best champions when looking to climb rank and gain ELO. The champion has been around forever but his kit continues to remain the same. The kit is very simple and unremarkable except for his ultimate ability, which makes him invincible for 5 seconds.

Why Tryndamere is OP

A good Tryndamere player will make enemy champions sweat on summoner’s rift. He is the epitome of split pushing, a strategy involving 1V1 play and taking objectives.

Tryndamere’s strengths come from both his kit, playstyle, and passive ability.

Battle Fury (Passive)Tryndamere’s passive builds critical strike chances the more fury Tryndamere builds. This works in conjunction with his Q ability to provide sustain in lane and catch opponents off guard. Make sure to auto attack frequently and keep your fury levels high so that your critical strike chance is also amplified. Tryndamere can trade early with full fury as enemy laners need to respect the critical strike damage.
Bloodlust (Q)Allows Tryndamere to drain the fury from his passive to heal some of his health. This ability works in conjunction with his passive and is very hard to use efficiently. Tryndamere’s Q ability should be used late in fights in order to surprise the enemy with sudden health regeneration. There is nothing like winning fights where the enemy has a false sense of victory just to have Tryndamere get a big heal and turn the tide of battle. Also utilize this ability after your ultimate as it can save you from that last tower shot or that last auto attack/spell from enemy champion.
Mocking Shout (W)
This decreases enemy champions attack damage and also slows them if their backs are turned against Tryndamere. This ability is the key to winning tough lane matchups against attack damage bruisers and carries. Make sure to use your W when a champion like Renekton, Fiora, Irelia, etc. decides to commit into a fight. A well timed W can win more fights then you’d expect.
Spinning Slash (E)
This is Tryndamere’s form of escaping, engaging, or simply going through walls. Smart use of this ability will turn any Tryndamere player into a professional escape artist. This ability is usually maxed either first or second depending on the matchup. A smart way to utilize this ability is to last hit minions while also escape melee enemy’s auto attacks. For example, you walk to auto attack the enemy laner then you dash back towards your turret while also slicing through low health minions. This ability can be used more frequently the more critical hits that you land. This mean it works in conjunction with your passive and overall champion design.
Undying Rage (R)
This is Tryndamere’s ultimate. This is what separates good Tryndamere players from decent Tryndamere players. This ability makes Tryndamere invincible and incapable of dying for 5 seconds. This is more then enough time to tower dive an enemy champion or chase a carry through their team. Perfect timing of Tryndamere’s ultimate is the key to winning hard matchups. A good Tryndamere will hold off from using the ultimate until he is very low in a fight. A great Tryndamere player will time the ultimate exactly with an enemy champions ability in order to surprise them by surviving then counter attacking.
Tryndamere’s Abilities and Usage

Tryndamere’s abilities are very over powered or OP when used correctly. A good Tryndamere will use their spinning slash (E) to go into enemy jungle and farm the camps. A good Tryndamere will know when to take a team fight and when to simply go after objectives solo. A good Tryndamere is not afraid to sacrifice their team members and get flamed in order to capture enemy inhibitor.

Tryndamere’s single most OP ability is his passive, the battle fury. This spell rewards Tryndamere for taking risks and getting up close and personal with enemy champions or minions. By building up fury, Tryndamere is able to catch enemy players off guard and critically wound them early in the game. Sometimes forcing enemy laners to back early can win you the lane before 3 minutes.

You can win early trades with almost any champion if your fury is stacked up. You may think it’s foolish to dependent on getting a critical strike early on. However, rest assure that the League system works is that the longer you don’t critically strike, the higher the probability of your next one being critical damage.

Tryndamere Critically Striking enemy lane opponent early game for an easy first blood kill secure.

Tryndamere Season 11 Build

Climbing ranks and taking other player’s ELO requires Tryndamere to be built correctly. Remember to never follow a generic build path but rather adapt to the enemy team composition.

Are you laning against a tough ranged match up? Against champions such as Quinn and Jayce, Tryndamere benefits from starting Doran’s Shield, taking defensive runes and generally beefing up early with Tabi boot.

There is no “one build fits all” but rather you have to personally playout matchups and learn what works and what doesn’t. Another way to go about this is to watch pro players pilot Tryndamere in high ELO ranked games. Make sure you pay attention to what they are building and when.

With that said, below find a quick generic (yet adaptable) build path for the three different top lane match ups.

Tryndamere versus bruisers

Tryndamere build versus opposing bruisers such as Renekton, Irelia, Lee Sin, Darius, etc. is as follows.

Pick your Doran item based on how comfortable you are with the match up. Are you afraid of Darius? Go with Doran shield and play safe and wait for jungle intervention. However, if you have courage and don’t mind coin tossing by being aggressive early then start Doran blade and play for early critical strike damage cheese. In lower ranks, it is much better to start with damage item early and go for those fights to get easy leads in laning phase.

If you are winning the match up then it is recommended to go for Attack Speed boots. However, if you are down minions and getting destroyed and forced to back frequently then invest in Tabi or Merc Tread boots to survive.

Items such as Blade of the Ruined King and Kraken Slayer are very crucial in this match up. Both items fit Tryndamere’s kit and overall strategy to split push and dish out damage. Blade of the Ruined King and Kraken Slayer will help Tryndamere dish out optimal damage while also being invincible with his ultimate.

elderbuff Tryndamere Climb Elo
Kraken Slayer – Destroyer of Tanks and Bruisers

Additional critical items such as Infinity Edge and Lord Dominik’s Regards are excellent pick ups throughout the game.

Lastly, a flex item to pick up, especially in heavy Attack Damage (AD) match ups would be Guardian Angel. If you are lower ranked and have trouble using your ultimate on time then this single item can be your saving grace.

If you commit heavily on a tower dive or a close fight then just wait for the Guardian Angel active to pop. After your revive just starting spamming your ultimate ability so that you can turn around the fight. Your opponents will be taken aback by surprise as they might think you let Guardian Angel activate because your ultimate was still on cooldown.

Tryndamere is more then just right clicks! You need to use your brain and get into optimal situations that will help you take on multiple enemies or tower dive effectively.

Tryndamere versus Tanks

Playing Tryndamere versus a tank champion is a big challenge during mid game. This is due to tanks being able to itemize armor heavily and certain items in this category counter Tryndamere’s kit.

Tanks will usually start with anti healing, which further hinders Tryndamere’s ability to dominate the lane. Usually against Tanks, it is smart to start off the game aggressive and looking for lead. However, be cautious of tower diving them or getting ganked because the lane is even more painful if you’re behind. If you go even in lane or slightly ahead then try to ward up enemy jungle and play to proxy farm waves and catch out enemy jungler.

Against tanks, the recommended build involves going Kraken Slayer (no brainer), Armor Pen Item of choice, and Hydra as core items. The Hydra will allow you to fast push the wave and farm jungle creeps while the Kraken and Armor Pen will help you do some damage to enemy tanks if you are ahead. Lord Dominick’s a great item in this regard as it provides Tryndamere with both critical strike chance and armor pen.

Afterwards, you can itemize to the match up. If you’re against a crowd control heavy tank then go merc treads. If you are against a slow tank then perhaps go attack speed boots to maximize the amount of autos you can land.

Tryndamere Champion and Item Counter

Only discussing Tryndamere’s dominance will make this guide a little too one sided. If you are here to find out what counters Tryndamere then you’re in for a treat.

Counter items against Tryndamere

Some of the great items that annoy Tryndamere player are the Hourglass on AP champions and Guardian Angel on AD bruisers, assassins, and tanks. Both items being utilized while Tryndamere’s ultimate is active can mess up the opposing player’s date. Tryndamere gains invincibility for 5 seconds and items such as Hourglass and Guardian Angel prolongs the life of Tryndamere’s opponent.

Champions who counter Tryndamere

One of Tryndamere’s greatest counter is Darius. The champion’s bleed passive comes in handy during a long trade with Tryndamere. While Tryndamere can gain the upper hand and defeat Darius mid to late game; it sometimes turns into an one for one due to the bleed burn after Tryndamere’s ultimate wears off. It is almost impossible to defeat a decent Darius player without using Tryndamere’s ultimate, unless you are very ahead.

Teemo is also a problem in top lane due to his blind. Nothing is more annoying then chasing this Yordle around, running or spinning into mushrooms, and then getting blinded when you get on top of him. Good Tryndamere players will try to wait out Teemo’s blind but with new buffs to Teemo that will be much harder this season. A smart decision would be to eventually get a quicksilver stash (QSS) and get rid of the blind when you manage to get on top of Teemo.

Finally, another strong counter to Tryndamere is Malphite. This huge rock can build straight up armor item and he only gets stronger from this. If Tryndamere does not get a lead early then Malphite will eventually outscale and be a RIOT during team fights. Malphite’s kit decreases Tryndamere’s attack speed, slows him down, and can knock him up.

Tryndamere in League of Legends Season 12

Tryndamere continues to benefit from Riot’s item changes and balance. The champion will never be irrelevant as it has a large player base. It is also considered the champion used by smurf players to climb through lower ranks quickly.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Tryndamere for at least 20 games if you are Bronze, Silver, or low Gold. See if you improve as you grind out the games utilizing some of the tips learned here.

Also, if you are looking to play duoQ with a friend then check out some of the best duo queue strategies to climb out of Silver.

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